The Creative Matrix

A format for creating systematic mash-ups to generate many wide-ranging ideas is known as a Creative Matrix.

It is a concept ideation technique used in UX and Interaction Design.

Quick guide to building a Creative Matrix:

  • On a whiteboard, draw a large grid, with no more than 5 rows and 5 columns, then identify each column headings, whether by categories or personas.

  • For the rows, identify enablers, such as technological, cultural, etc. 

  • Invite various teams from different disciplines within the company and have them work simultaneously, filling each cell with ideas.

  • Think about the intersections of these, writing one idea per sticky note (name, description, etc.)

  • This exercise should not take more than 15 minutes, however the team members should be encouraged to generate as many ideas as possible during this time.

Among the many benefits for using a Creative Matrix are:

  • It’s great for “mining” market opportunities
  • Facilitates greater collaboration among various teams
  • Promotes divergent thinking
  • Helps respective team members generate a wide variety of ideas quickly


Dragos Vuia is a Vancouver-based UX Designer that's passionate about user experience strategy, cognitive-based design decisions, and innovative mobile interactions, who also travelled to 108 countries and territories so far, carefully documenting these experiences through photos, videos and stories.